IMG_5443-mojito4A unique summer mix bringing together the freshness of mint, the energy of lime and the exotic tinge of tequila is now available at any time. Just cool it down, open it and enjoy a refreshing summer drink.

Един кен (240 ml) съдържа
Lemon concentrate 0.488 g
Lemon lime concentrate 0.192 g
Acerola concentrate 0.117 g
Sugar 21.149 g
Sucralose 0.005 g
Citric acid 0.792 g
Vitamin C 0.050 g
Pectin 0.174 g
Maltodextrin 1.246 g
Salt 0.005 g
Citrus flavour 0.174 g
Carthamus yellow 0.004 g
Lemon flavour 0.199 g
Apple flavour 0.025 g
Mint flavour 0.025 g
Water 224.46 g