About FruFarm


About the power of fruits

We at FruFarm know the power of fruits and want to share it with you. Here’s why the presence of fruits throughout your day is so important:

Fruit effect on your health

We all know how important fruit consumption is for the proper nutrition. Through fruits we get those valuable nutrients, vitamins and microelements, as well as fibres. Fibres are important and aid us in fighting obesity, high blood pressure, as well as other factors contributing to heart diseases. Here’s why fibres are a so important part of our diet and are a part of the FruFarm juices.

Brain fuel

Fruits are indispensable and exceptionally valuable fuel for the brain – they are important for improving and stimulating the brain processes related to memory, concentration and attention.

A canned solar battery

Fruits bring the energy of the Sun and fresh water that they gather while they grow. Fruits are the most natural food for humans, the most easily digestible and assimilable by the body. If you need eenrgy, the best choice is getting fruit – this way you quench both your thirst and the need from energy. We at FruFarm have taken care to provide you with the best, most healthy and convenient way to get that – our juices have all their fibres intact, have no preservatives, and are available any season, all throughout the year.

Fruit and children

Since we at FruFarm know that fruits are exceptionally important for children, we made our juices without preservatives and carbonation, which makes them very suitable for children.

Fruit for sports

During workout we lose liquids and it is very important to replenish them. But along with liquids we need energy for a quality workout. Well, there is not better way to get it from the FruFarm fruit juices – you get both.

Fruitty beauty

Last but not least, fruits are a source of beauty. We at FruFarm believe that one is beautiful when healthy. The good diet, including many fruits, makes us healthy. And when healthy we’re also beautiful. Fruit fibres and antioxidants are very improtant for the healthy skin – they give it elasticity and fresh look.

The technology

The secret of the FruFarm juices hides in the unique production technology, which keeps the precious fruit fibres intact. Here’s why our juices have whole bits of fruit in them.

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